Eerie Exotica

Ladies and Gennulmen, Gorehounds and Ghouls, all the fanged and the feral and the frankly far-out solid-gone, we bid you welcome; unlock the door with the key of imagination and enter freely and of your own will. There is nothing wrong with your eyes, do not attempt to adjust your mind. You’ve just crossed over… into Eerie Ink.

It’s more than a tattoo studio, it’s more than a way-out and wild way of life; Eerie Ink is a living thing.  Step over the threshold and you’ll find yourself on the inside of its out-there mind, the bug-loop internal kaleidoscope of a wigflip crazy Tattoo Spirit from Dimension X.

It all started on Hallowe’en 2012 when by means of a mind-shredding ritual (too arcane to describe), but involving an unspooled video of “Bride of Frankenstein”, a bottle of red wine, a Tiki mug full of magic markers and a broken TV spewing static into the old empty three-story haunted house on 11th century George Street, we dragged the spirit of the Eerie Tattoo Devil kicking and howling through a rip in the world. It exploded across the walls and the ceilings, a primal bawl of colour, rock ‘n’ roll, zombies and revved-up nitro-burnin’ dragmobiles covering every inch of the place and puttin’ the righteous needle hoodoo proper upon us, each and every one.

And now the whole place is possessed by the psycho-delic spirit of Eerie, and we are doomed to forever do its bidding (but always with a wink and a smile and some good tunes on the system, natch).

Eerie controls the horizontal and the vertical. Eerie can deluge you with a thousand colours, or expand one image to crystal clarity and beyond. Eerie is a Tattoo Demon, wicked cool and kitten-whip hip – it’s good-bad, but it ain’t evil. Whether you want yer baby’s kisser on your bicep or a picture of Lux and Ivy doin’ the hellhound shuffle etched forever in a place where angels weep to peep, Eerie can feed your need. Eerie loves you, Eerie wants you; welcome to Eerie, the living, breathing tattoo monster that really does have designs on your body.

Street view of tattoo parlour
Art in reception
Waiting for mandala

GDPR: We collect data from customers when they make a booking at Eerie Ink. We ask health questions in order to decide whether or not we can offer treatment. This hard copy is stored safely and would only be accessed again if a problem should occur following treatment. We ask for contact details in order to send reminders about a booking or to inform a customer if there is a problem with the booking. This data is stored on a computer and consists of date of birth, address, telephone number and email address. Any customer can ask to see their personal data or ask for it to be deleted. There is also CCTV throughout the building. Please speak to us if you have any concerns.

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